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Goal #1.
To Evangelize the Word of God in a creative unique way that has never been done before. The messages that our faith-based public figures create will last a lifetime with an unmatched personal touch experience for the recipient.


Goal #2.
To support the speakers and musicians by helping them more intimately connect with their audience, and creating an opportunity for their organization (or charity of their choice) to receive financial support.


Goal #3.
To facilitate the connection and create the opportunity for all the Faithful to receive a message and personal touch from someone that inspires them; ultimately moving them spiritually and making a lifelong impact.

Make a lifelong impression by creating a Custom Video Message

This platform is the first Catholic-focused custom video messaging platform of its kind, focused specifically on celebrities of faith. With over 400 Catholic public figures to choose from, our platform allows you to connect in the most personal way with your favorite Catholic public figure by having them record a custom video message for you or a loved one. This gift of inspiration is an incredibly unique way to affect your loved ones with something they will truly treasure forever.

An inspirational video message from your preferred Catholic public figure traditionally can be 30 seconds to 60 seconds long. Details on everything will be arranged once you contact us. Most video messages may request a fee or donation depending on what public figure you choose. Contact us now for free consultation to get started.

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Why We Created This Platform

During the worst time in the 21st century for public gatherings, COVID-19 has prevented 98% of concerts and speaking events from taking place. In every effort to support the speakers and musicians Catholic Speakers Organization works with, thus this platform was born with 3 goals in mind: 1) Continue spreading the Gospel in a creative and impactful way during a time that is preventing public events. 2) Financially support faith-based speakers and musicians in a time so desperately needed. 3) Facilitate a personal first-of-its-kind connection between speakers, musicians and the public. No different from booking a speaker or musician for an event or concert, this platform allows anyone to book (create) a customized video message with the speaker or musician of their choice . Every message will be infused with an inspirational message of faith along with the talking points provided by the individual. This platform will infuse timeless video message gifts of faith and inspiration into the world that will be cherished by recipients forever. Gone are the days when you get your loved ones those boring socks or a tie as a gift. Get them something meaningful and inspirational,
Get them a customized video message.